Ninette - Thin is not thin enough

We are delighted to receive the Grimme Online Award nomination „Ninette - Thin is not thin enough"!


The interactive comic is aimed at young girls between 12 and 15 years old, its goal is to provide preventative infotainment. Without talking down to its target audience, it tells the story of 14-year-old Janette, who develops anorexia and, with therapy and the support of her friends and family, finds her way back to life.

The comic is supplemented by additional information consisting of articles, podcasts and interactive tests developed in cooperation with renowned experts from the field of preventative counselling

“Ninette” is available online and can be accessed anywhere via mobile devices, providing vital support for young girls and the people in their lives. Not only does it supply them with a wealth of well-founded information on the topic of eating disorders, but it also provides direct access to a nationwide online consulting service. The comic thereby provides the girls with a venue for an unbiased and brave engagement with the still frequently stigmatised topic of anorexia, their own body image and their needs and desires.

“Ninette” was made possible by Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy and is supported by the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA).

Dealing frankly and honestly with the subject of eating disorders is a first important step in the right direction. Those who are affected as well as their friends and family are often inhibited about dealing openly with the subject. Prevention and help therefore begin with the provision of frank information! The "Ninette - thin is never thin enough" campaign brings the subject of eating disorders to the attention of the public. It provides young people with a positive image of their body, and strengthens their sense of their own value. I therefore had no hesitation in becoming the patron to the campaign.

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe