The Land of the Magic Flute

A Motion Graphic Novel, inspired by Mozart's Magic Flute

Young people and opera? Nowadays can anything be expected from it? We certainly think so! Therefore, we have decided to narrate opera in a fresh and entirely new (or brand-new) medium, in the form of a digital - Motion Graphic Novel. We have implemented opera in a contemporary way in the shape of a comic, in the language that speaks to youth. Mysterious and full of secrets, atmospheric drawings and animations, along with seven complete arias and a music concept which plays with excerpts from Mozart's composition, The Land of the Magic Flute Motion Graphic Novel creates a unforgettable visual and hearing experience.

We were inspired by the staging and set design of our partner, the Bregenz Festival. Seven "inspirational videos" expand the experience of the user in order to get an insight on and behind the stage of this opera spectacle. For a possibility to use the Motion Graphic Novel in schools and in various learning environments, we have created additional teaching materials with targeted questions and motivating tasks. Get in touch with us for further information!

The artists have really succeeded in retelling Mozart's fairy tale opera. The digital picture world has great theatrical power, one could stage the whole opera in it. The digital soundtracks are a musical language that young people understand. They tell the story like recitatives. When the main arias of the opera are played between them, the sound collage gets a fabulous exoticism.

Kirsten Harms (Director)

To reach young people it is necessary to embrace the specifics of our times and Interactive Media is a superb tool for opera to create specific material for the new generation. It has to be approached imaginatively and for itself, and has nothing to do with timidly recreating material which really belongs live, on stage.

David Pountney, Director of the Bregenz Festival (2003-2013)