A glimpse into the future of our society?

It all began with the investigative documentary film "Total Trust" by Jialing Zhang, where the Interactive Media Foundation has been involved as co-producer. The film has been an international sensation. It sheds light on the surveillance system in China and reveals the consequences for its citizens. The tools of surveillance technology are available all over the world - including in democratic systems, and they are being used everywhere. "Total Trust" is not just a film about the totalitarian system in China - it also holds up a mirror to the West.

In autumn and winter 2023/24, it was shown in numerous cinemas in Germany, the USA and Canada, and in spring 2024 it will also be broadcast by arte, the BBC and many other international broadcasters.

Since its premiere in March 2023, the film has enjoyed great success at the world's most prestigious festivals and has been enthusiastically received by critics and audiences alike. It was awarded "Best Feature or Medium-Length Documentary" at the It's all True film festival (Brazil) and won the international competition at Doc NYC (USA).

Total Trust, that's what makes the film so strong, accuses without accusing.

Die Zeit

Public and political discussions

The IMF is responsible for the impact campaign for "Total Trust", which aims to initiate a public and political discussion about the central themes in the film: surveillance, technological digital self-determination and resistance. Lessons for liberal societies can perhaps still be learnt from the situation in China, if we become aware of the consequences of digital surveillance.

As part of the cinema release in Germany, public discussions with experts on surveillance technology, data protection and the promotion of democracy were launched in numerous cinemas. Current dates of panel discussions can be found here: www.total-trust.org

An observational documentary at its best.

Modern Times Review

International know-how from 89up

All of this is only possible thanks to a strong partner network. In particular, we have forged close links with the experienced London-based impact agency 89up, which was responsible for the campaign for the documentary film about the Edward Snowden affair "Citizenfour".

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